Wireless Bridges & WiFi

Wireless bridging extends networks at a fraction of the cost of cable

Connect builings and points on your network from fifty feet apart; to Several miles away. with >99% uptime.

Leasing fiber, trenching cable + conduit, direct drilling... All incredibly expensive!

Wireless Infrastructure

Many organizations need to extend their networks to span across two or more buildings.  Sometimes it’s a remote building across the parking lot, other times it’s a separate address miles away. Trenching and direct drilling cable & conduit are very expensive. Leasing fiber lines comes with a recurring cost.  Wireless bridging can be done instead for a fraction of the cost.  Wireless bridges are a robust, reliable alternative that have a low upfront cost and no recurring cost.


Some organizations need to connect an array of remote devices to a central location.  This is commonly seen when deploying security cameras out into parking lots, along perimeter fencing, to remote buildings, etc.  This is also seen with paging systems and door controls.  Point to Multipoint wireless networks are much less expensive and faster to install than traditional wired solutions.


Virtually all businesses today need fast reliable Wi-Fi without dead zones; many businesses also need secure wireless guest networks separate from their internal business LAN.  IP Pro Tech is a proven, experienced leader in product selection, design, installation, and configuration of wireless bridges, meshes, point to multipoint, and Wi-Fi networks.