Commercial Doors & Hardware

Licensed Commercial Locksmiths

The Experienced Technicians at IP Pro Tech will replace or repair your Commercial Doors, Frames and Hardware with Expert Craftsmanship. 

Commercial Doors Require Specialized Installers!

A commercial opening can be ordered in over a million configurations.  There are over a thousand building codes in the US related to the selection and function of commercial doors.  UL, NFPA, & ADA standards must be understood and followed when installing commercial doors and hardware.  Hire a licensed specialist in this trade.

School Hardening and Active Shooters

IP Pro Tech has installed over 100 Curries 747T steel stiffened doors in public schools as a safety & security enhancement.

Faulty Doors Are A Liability

Commercial doors and hardware are just expected to work.  Hardly any thought is given to an opening that properly performs its functions hundreds or thousands of times per week.

Doors that don’t function properly can cause big problems. 

A door that does not automatically close and latch securely behind you can leave a business vulnerable to intrusion.  A door that automatically closes with too much speed or force can cause severe injuries.  A stuck door or damaged handle set that does not freely allow egress to the outside of a facility is a fire hazard.  A poorly calibrated ADA opener can cause stress, embarrassment and possible injury to someone in a wheelchair.

Refresh Hardware for Smooth Function & Security